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Nina Fiori Studio



My work is about temporality, and identity. I treat a non-precious material, precious by giving it a new form and space. They become living organisms, garments laid out to be seen, touched, and interacted with. I play with nature, like a child plays in frivolity. I use found objects, textiles, untraditional materials, processes, and forms. These materials, and techniques accent each other, and become my primary medium that I work with. I am drawn to the invisible places, where voices have been oppressed, misrepresented, or forgotten. I’m interested in creating a dialogue with the viewer, weaving a story together.

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Photo May 04, 2 57 50 PM.jpg

Nina Fiori is a visual artist and designer based in Los Angeles, her native birthplace. Her work explores identity, the interrelationships between humanity and nature, and the unexplainable nature of childlike wonder. I like to use site specific installations, found objects, the play of natural light, the use of textiles and garments, I let the materials lead me, and we play together in childlike wonder.

Fiori began her studies in Los Angeles, from Otis College of art and design, in fashion design. She left the BFA program after 3 years to pursue haute couture in Paris , France where she stayed for 5 years studying the culture, language, and attended some of the most prestigious schools in haute couture and design. She completed pattern making and draping at the Chambre Syndicale de Couture Parisienne; the fashion design course at Creapole ESDI; and a full course in batik textile silk painting at Parson School of Design. She worked as as assistant to a seamstress, Atelier Natalia in Paris, and later pursued a internship with a major french designer, Franck Sorbier in haute couture. After completing her studies in Paris, she returned to Los Angeles to work in the luxury fashion wedding industry designing wedding gowns. After many years, she left the fashion industry and went back to school at Otis College of Art and majored in Fine Arts and wanted to finish her BFA and later receive a MFA, but was unable to finish due to a setback in finances where Otis College declined to give her additional financial aid.
She dropped out and has pursued art on her own terms. She has participated in one group art exhibition in 2015 in Los Angeles, and has taught art to children and teens at UCLA lab school, and Archer school for girls in Los Angeles. Currently, she is working on a solo project working with textiles and discarded materials in large scale.

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Nina Fiori
Curriculum Vitae


BFA, Otis College of Art and Design

Los Angeles, California
Fashion Design Major
Fine Arts Minor

Chambre Syndicale de Couture Parisienne, Paris, France
Haute couture fashion draping and pattern-making

Creapole ESDI

Paris, France
Fashion Design

Parsons school of Design

Paris, France
Textile Surface Design

Group Exhibitions


Los Angeles, California

Ben Maltz Gallery



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2013-10-08 15.17.39.jpg
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